CR07 Alarm Clock with Universal Cradle

CR07 - Alarm Clock with Universal Cradle

This alarm clock is an economical solution for waking up. It includes two alarm options and battery backup so you won't lose your settings during a power failure. Includes a snooze button as well. One if its best features is it will accept input from your phone, pad, tablet or most any personal device with a headphone jack. Connect to this unit and enjoy your music on a larger, louder speaker.

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Bar Codes

Tariff Code: 8527.91.6080
UPC: 852929004702
GTIN14: 10852929004709

Master Carton Specs
Measure Metric English
Quantity 8 8
Gross Weight 5 kgs 11.05
Net Weight 4.8 kgs 10.61 Lbs.
Dimensions 37.5L x 31W x 27H cm 14.625"L x 12.125"W x 10.5"H
Volume 31387.5 cc / 0.03 cbm 1883.25 CuIn / 1.09 CuFt
Inner Carton Specs
Measure Metric English
Quantity 1 1
Gross Weight 0.6 kgs 1.33
Net Weight 0.23 kgs 0.51 Lbs.
Dimensions 18L x 15W x 12.5H cm 7"L x 5.875"W x 4.875"H
Volume 3375 cc / 0 cbm 202.5 CuIn / 0.12 CuFt
Container Specs
Container Quantities Container Dimensions (meters)
20' 7296 5.92L x 2.29W x 2.38H = 32.27 CBM
40' 14700 12.05L x 2.29W x 2.38H = 65.67 CBM
40'HQ 16416 12.06L x 2.34W x 2.68H = 75.63 CBM
45'HQ 20640 13.58L x 2.34W x 2.69H = 85.48 CBM
53'HQ n/a 15.99L x 2.49W x 2.7H = 107.5 CBM


CR07 - Alarm Clock with Universal Cradle

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