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DOK designs, manufactures, distributes and wholesales Karaoke USA and DOK branded products. DOK headquarters, Largo, FL are inside a 52,000 sq.ft. warehouse. The west coast warehouse is located in Rancho Dominguez, CA... more ...

Karaoke Products

Karaoke USA singing equipment

DOK Multi-Port Phone Chargers

Dok Multi-USB chargers for phones and tablets

DOK chargers are universal chargers designed to charge personal media devices like smart phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, MP3 players and more. Most anything that charges with standard USB connection can be charged with the JSK chargers. If you can connect your device to a computer's USB port, you'll be able to connect to these chargers. Most important these chargers incorporate SCD (Smart Current Detection) technology that detects the fastest possible rate of charge and shuts off when fully charged to protect your battery. This is something the universal competitors cannot promise. Store your device upright and listen to your device's audio on the built-in speakers. Every home and office needs the JSK charger.