CR08 Universal Charger With Alarm Clock

Charge your phone, pad or tablet and have an alarm clock too. All in one small footprint. Especially convenient when you have little space on your nightstand. This alarm clock is an economical solution for waking up and charging your personal devices. It includes two alarm options and battery backup so you won't lose your settings during a power failure. Includes a snooze button as well. One if its best features is it will accept input from your phone, pad, tablet or most any personal device with a headphone jack. Connect to this unit and enjoy your music on a larger, louder speaker.

Package Contents:

English Manual

Bar Codes

Tariff Code: 8527.91.6080
UPC: 852929004719
GTIN14: 10852929004716

Master Carton Specs
Measure Metric English
Quantity 8 8
Gross Weight 5 kgs 11.05
Net Weight 4.8 kgs 10.61 Lbs.
Dimensions 37.5L x 31W x 27H cm 14.625"L x 12.125"W x 10.5"H
Volume 31387.5 cc / 0.03 cbm 1883.25 CuIn / 1.09 CuFt
Inner Carton Specs
Measure Metric English
Quantity 1 1
Gross Weight 0.6 kgs 1.33
Net Weight 0.23 kgs 0.51 Lbs.
Dimensions 18L x 15W x 12.5H cm 7"L x 5.875"W x 4.875"H
Volume 3375 cc / 0 cbm 202.5 CuIn / 0.12 CuFt
Container Specs
Container Quantities Container Dimensions (meters)
20' 7296 5.92L x 2.29W x 2.38H = 32.27 CBM
40' 14700 12.05L x 2.29W x 2.38H = 65.67 CBM
40'HQ 16416 12.06L x 2.34W x 2.68H = 75.63 CBM
45'HQ 20640 13.58L x 2.34W x 2.69H = 85.48 CBM
53'HQ n/a 15.99L x 2.49W x 2.7H = 107.5 CBM


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