DOK Solution Inc Patents

Application No. Patent No.Description
11/672,753 7414200Three-way cable arrangement for karaoke devices and the like
11/672,784 8160489Karaoke device with integrated mixing, echo and volume control
11/676,850 7742293Adaptable digital music player cradle
29/344,720 D614,201Karaoke guitar amplifier
29/363,425D678,395Top load CDG player
29/363,429 D641,376Portable karaoke system
29/344,723D617,812Top load CDG player
29/344,727 D614,202Karaoke system with stand
29/363,431 D652,824Acoustic guitar microphone
29/344,728 D614,669Desktop karaoke system
29/344,731 D614,670Portable karaoke MP3 lyric player
12/889,941 8284978System, method and apparatus for directional speakers
12/889,951 8311256System, method and apparatus for holding a device and containing a microphone
12/889,983 8432667System, method and apparatus for supporting and providing power to a music player
12/699,078 8116077Digital music player cradle attachment
13/345,994 8675356System and, method for holding and powering three consumer electronic devices
13/346,018 8593804System, method and apparatus for holding multiple devices
13/418,690 8897693Karaoke device with integrated mixing, echo and volume control
14/069,401 9252609Hanging folder device charging system
14/134,227 PendingStaggered Charging System
13/373,076 8593802Tri-holder/organizer system
14/463,683 PendingCradles having Hinged Back Walls