WM900 900 MHz UHF Wireless Microphone

Tired of tripping on microphone cables? Ran out of cable crossing the stage during a performance? End these annoyances with our 900 MHz UHF Wireless Microphone. Lightweight and featuring a useable range up to 150 feet. No need to worry about frequencies when you add multiple wireless microphones to your equipment. This microphone allows for unique pairing to each receiver. Connect up to 20 microphones on unique frequencies. No more wireless microphones walking on each other! Enjoy a clear interference-free UHF (Ultra High Frequency) transmission with multiple microphones!

Lock-in up to 20 microphones and receivers with unique frequencies with our 16 Bit Digital Pilot ID. Microphone will automatically pair with receiver or you can manually select your chosen frequency. Great for karaoke, bands, orchestras and theatrical stage performances.

UHF Wireless Microphone Specifications

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Tariff Code: 8518.10.8030
UPC: 879408001960
GTIN14: 10879408001967

Master Carton Specs
Measure Metric English
Quantity 10 10
Gross Weight 5 kgs 11.05
Net Weight 4.3 kgs 9.5 Lbs.
Dimensions 30.5L x 27.6W x 29.5H cm 11.875"L x 10.75"W x 11.5"H
Volume 24833.1 cc / 0.02 cbm 1489.99 CuIn / 0.86 CuFt
Inner Carton Specs
Measure Metric English
Quantity 1 1
Gross Weight 0.43 kgs 0.95
Net Weight 0.27 kgs 0.6 Lbs.
Dimensions 13.1L x 5.7W x 27.6H cm 5.125"L x 2.25"W x 10.75"H
Volume 2060.89 cc / 0 cbm 123.65 CuIn / 0.07 CuFt
Container Specs
Container Quantities Container Dimensions (meters)
20' 10710 5.92L x 2.29W x 2.38H = 32.27 CBM
40' 22120 12.05L x 2.29W x 2.38H = 65.67 CBM
40'HQ 25280 12.06L x 2.34W x 2.68H = 75.63 CBM
45'HQ 28320 13.58L x 2.34W x 2.69H = 85.48 CBM
53'HQ n/a 15.99L x 2.49W x 2.7H = 107.5 CBM


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